Cool Writing Technology

In the past, if one wanted to write anything, it required paper, pen and creativity. Today, one merely needs a computer. With more writing software available than ever before and a blogosphere full of opportunity, anyone can be a writer. There are constantly new technological inventions and advancements that make reading and writing easier.
There are online dictionaries and translation tools available at the push of a button. A really great program for people looking to improve their English is WhiteSmoke 2011 with the WhiteSmoke Translator. The WhiteSmoke Translator is a great tool for translating, as it supports at least 9 languages and does both word-to-word and full text translations using statistical machine translation (SMT) technology. WhiteSmoke 2011 scans texts from nearly any application for grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as offers suggestions to improve style and word choice. WhiteSmoke even offers free online tips and English lessons.
Pearson has recently developed new apps aimed at helping kids improve their vocabulary and grammar. They showcased this new technology at the National Science Teachers Association's (NSTA) annual conference last week. The applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, which cover subjects of both science and English, will be available in schools for grades 3-8 starting in the 2011-2012 school year.
One no longer needs to be a literary genius to compose a play or novel. Websites such as provide free online screenwriting software. There are so many novel-writing programs that include templates and outlines to help would-be authors complete their works.  Imagine what Shakespeare could have come up with if he had such technology available to him!
From WhiteSmoke Translator to apps for kids to novel and screenplay writing programs, it has been getting easier and easier to write in English. Check out some of this cool technology today!


  1. sounds like excellent software how do i apply it?

  2. Hey Christian!
    You can talk to Karen White, she helped me a lot when I needed help with the software and she also got be a good price :)
    This is her Facebook:

    I don't have her email because we just talked on Facebook but she represents WhiteSmoke there and she answers very fast!
    Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!