Most communication in today’s world is done through writing in English. Whether it is through email, instant messaging, blogging, or the media, flawless English is vital to represent one’s self and one’s business. For people who have a lesser command of the language, there are numerous solutions of how to succeed. There are classes, tutors, books, online tools, and so much more.
My personal belief is that the best way that a non-native speaker can improve their writing is by using grammar-checking tools to scan for mistakes and see what parts of speech and grammar they need to work on. The ideal tool for this is WhiteSmoke 2011 with the WhiteSmoke Translator Tab. This software supports full-text and word-to-word translations of at least nine languages. The program then has the capability of scanning the text for any grammar mistakes. The user can send his or her email with full confidence, knowing that they have successfully communicated their message without any embarrassing errors.
To be honest, WhiteSmoke is useful even for native English speakers to pick up on little mistakes that we so often simply miss in our hasty proofreading of our writing. How often do we notice misplaced commas or misspelled words only too late? We have become complacent with communicating using instant-messaging shortcuts such as “LOL” or “Thx”. While these may be acceptable if you are fifteen-years-old and texting your friend, they make a very bad impression on a potential business partner. So save your reputation and proofread before you hit send, or better yet scan with WhiteSmoke

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