Growing Emphasis on English around the World

In schools all over the world the study of English is moving up the priority list. From America to Malaysia experts agree that proper grammar can make or break a graduate’s career. According to research by the British Council, people who speak English as a second language will soon outnumber native speakers.
So what can people who are struggling with English do to help them gain the advantage of fluency and boost their careers? In addition to classes and tutors, there are also many self-teaching options., for example, offers free English lessons on their website. The lessons include everything from writing tips to example texts. WhiteSmoke's software is also an incredible tool for both native and ESL speakers. It works in pretty much any text-based application, which means it can check anything from Excel spreadsheets to instant messages. WhiteSmoke 2011 finds spelling mistakes, including contextual ones such as “too” instead of “to”. It also finds errors in grammar and punctuation. These sorts of mistakes can change the meaning of a sentence, so it’s very important to make sure to use accurate grammar and punctuation.
The tool which is probably most useful to those trying to improve their English is the WhiteSmoke Translator. While WhiteSmoke 2011 offers style suggestions and helps progress the quality of the word choice, the user can just enter the word in the Translator in their native tongue. The WhiteSmoke Translator supports full-text and word-to-word translations in nine languages. 


Affiliate Group

Just an update on my "affiliate career"!
I made three sales so far and I have to say I'm really excited! All I had to do was post specialized links on my English Literature blog and voila!
I just joined the WhiteSmoke Affiliate Group on Facebook - I recommend this group to any and all affiliate marketers, regardless if you're in the WhiteSmoke Affiliate Program or not. They post free tips on affiliate marketing and you can ask them questions about how to optimize your site, what kind of content to write...etc.!
So far, very happy with my Affiliate Marketing experience. I just might try it with some more companies soon!

See ya!