Business Translations

As businesses become globalized, and writing takes over as the main method of communication, translations have taken on a new importance. Communication can be a delicate issue, and one must be careful, especially in business, to be clear and flawless.
According to WhiteSmoke News, some cultures prefer that a new business partner speaks in their own language instead of trying unsuccessfully to express themselves in a foreign language. Depending on the culture, it might be considered a sign of respect to struggle to honor the new language, while for others the smallest mistake could be the largest insult.
It is important to study the culture of a new potential business partner to make sure that one is properly honoring their traditions. A great way to prepare is through using online translation tools. WhiteSmoke Translator, for example, offers both full-text and word-to-word translations. A user can translate a full email, or just quickly look up words before a phone conversation. WhiteSmoke Translator also offers a human translation service, which partners with native speakers at to ensure the most accurate translations possible.
Several months ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that the sales of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, a product similar to Apple’s iPad, were “quite small”. In fact, what the vice president of Samsung had said, although in Japanese, was that sales were “quite smooth”. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, repeated the WSJ’s error when introducing the iPad2. The Wall Street Journal’s mistranslation was more than just a small mistake. It ended up being ammunition for competing companies.
Although translators can help one get acquainted with a new language, one must be careful to learn about the nuances and secondary meanings of words to communicate effectively and avoid insult. Language errors in business interactions can mean the difference between a successful business deal and ruined ones. 

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