Boxer Ridiculed on Twitter for Having Poor Grammar

Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino professional boxer, has been taking a lot of flak for the poor grammar on his Twitter page. According to, Pacquiao opened a Twitter account last week to keep his fans updated, but received so much negative feedback for his English mistakes that he has decided to delete his account. He is reported to have Tweeted “I think I have to delete my account and stop it I know I can't pls. Everybody thanks everyone”.
These unassuming punctuation mistakes can be easily avoided by running the text through a simple grammar check. Instead of closing his account, perhaps Pacquiao would be better off looking into a Grammar-Checker such as WhiteSmoke 2011. The Grammar-Checker is compatible with most text-based programs. It can check text in Facebook, Twitter, email, Instant-Messenger applications, any Office program and so many more. Pacquiao and others like him could also benefit from the WhiteSmoke Translator. Although the WhiteSmoke Translator does not currently support Filipino, they are constantly working on updating and adding languages.
The WhiteSmoke Translator uses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology to produce high quality translations. This tool is incredibly useful to people who speak English as a Second Language. Writing is the main form of communication, and that includes Social Media Networking. WhiteSmoke can really make a difference in how the world perceives such international stars as Manny Pacquiao by helping them correct their English.
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